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Twenty Years of Delivering Excellence

I have built a career focused on Client Experience and Marketing by wearing many hats over the years. I have over ten years of experience in content development and digital marketing for a broad range of clientele in the automotive, medical, tech development, and home services industries, as well as 20 years of experience with maintaining successful client relationships and in Marketing as a whole. In each of my previous job experiences, I have performed all assignments with a high degree of skill and professionalism. 

I aim to continue to fully utilize my leadership skills in the Digital Marketing Space with a Focus on Client Relationships. My ability to manage relationships well is paramount to completing projects, leading teams to exceed performance expectations, and collaborating with sales and marketing personnel to set growth targets within budgeted guidelines and strict time constraints.

Personal Leadership Philosophy

My leadership style has evolved over the last 20 years, but one thing has remained the same: I practice Servant leadership. 

I am a firm believer in maintaining a great corporate culture. Corporate culture is a true passion of mine, and I have successfully created a great team atmosphere with remote teams located all over the world. 

There are also many points in the EOS system and the HPWP management styles that I like to incorporate into my leadership. These tools allow for structured leadership without reinventing the wheel on processes. 

With two degrees in psychology, I also work to get to know the personality type of each team member (junior or senior to me) and develop a communication style that works in their comfort zone for the most productive and truly meaningful working relationships. 

Core Competencies & Skills

  • Customer Relationship Expert
  • Excel in Software Training
  • Proven Success with Upsells
  • Process & Technology Driven
  • Passion for  Client Experience
  • E-commerce Evangalist
  • SEM (SEO & PPC) Campaigns 
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Multiple Vertical Marketing 
  • Hiring & Team Fullfillment
  • Digital Traffic Acquisition
  • Working Knowledge of HTML. CSS, PHP
  • Digital Advertising
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Motivation
  • Sales Promotions
  • Revenue/Profit Enhancement
  • CRM/Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Brand Alignment
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Marketing Trends Analysis
  • Account Management
  • Budget Forecasting
  • Capacity Planning
  • Marketing Automation
  • SEO Content Development
  • SEO Strategy Development
  • B2B & B2C Marketing Strategies 
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Preferred Tools & Current Certifications

Below is a list of some of the tools and certifications that I have experience with. Some may not be listed, and I am constantly learning more!

  • WordPress Management
  • Universal Analytics
  • GA4 (still in personal A/B testing)
  • SEMRush
  • SurferSEO (& other NLP tools)
  • Screaming Frog
  • Hootsuite
  • Salesforce/Zoho/and Similar
  • Project Management software experience
    • TeamWork/ClickUp and Similar
  • Moz
  • SpyFu
  • Whatagraph Reporting
  •  Google Certifications & Course Completions:
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Ads Display
    • Google Ads Search
    • Tag Manager Fundamentals
    • Google Business Profile (formally GMB)
  •  SEMRush Certifications:
    •  Competitive Analysis & Keyword Research
    • Content Marketing Toolkit
    • SEO Toolkit: Advanced Users
    • Technical SEO 
  • LinkedIn Learning:
    •  Be the Manager People Won’t Leave
    • Communicating with Emotional Intelligence
    • Creating a Great Place to Work for All
    • GA4 Essential Training
    • Leadership Tips, Tactics and Advice

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